Where do you find a friend in this crazy screenwriting business?

I have mentioned the Adelaide Screenwriter blog in other places on this site, but I haven’t said how truly excellent the site is. Created by Henry Sheppard (a former student of mine, I’m proud to say) the site contains a deep well of information for like-minded souls, starting with interviews with screenwriters, actors, directors and script gurus. There are also videos, book reviews, screenplay downloads, short films and a whole bunch of other excellent stuff for screenwriters wherever they live and whatever stage they are at.

Henry generously shares his vast vault of goodies, meaning there is no point duplicating it here.

My particular favourite is the video excerpt from Breaking Bad that reveals without words a truly wonderful secret to writers; sometimes you don’t have to say anything.

Henry isn’t well at present, but he continues to maintain the site with energy and enthusiasm. In doing this he reassures us that we are all in the same boat, no matter where we are on our career path, and we’re much better off when we share what we know.

I heartily commend it to you.