Screenwriting Resources

Wherever you are in the world, one rule applies;

Your script must be the absolute best you can make it before you approach anyone; you get one shot.

Here are some things that might help make your script the best it can be. Remember, you get one go. Make the most of it!

Simply Scripts – an extraordinary collection of mostly Hollywood screenplays. As I say in the book, every writer needs to read as many scripts as they can find

Drew’s Script-o-Rama – likewise an incredible array of fantastic scripts of all kinds; just be sure to avoid the transcripts at all costs; they are worse than useless

BeingCharlieKaufman – generous, honest, inspiring and challenging like his movies this blog has a lot to offer

The Internet Archive – old unknowns, classics and some truly terrible movies that you can watch on-line or download – you can learn a lot from bad movies – this rather chaotic site is put together by Australian script guru Billy Marshall Stoneking but is packed with good information and resources

adelaidescreenwriter – run by Henry Sheppard this is a welcoming blog for anyone interested in screenwriting, wherever they live. Includes reviews, discussions, interviews and other useful stuff –  as the site says, a ton of useful information about screenwriting, by LA screenwriter John August, whose credits range from Jurassic Park 3 to Charlie’s Angels to Iron Man. Anyone with that cv has to have something worth saying; and he does

If you find any other great links, let me know.


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