What They’re Saying…

‘A Breath of Fresh Air: 5 stars   The power of his premise lies in its simplicity and the way in which it can be applied to any screenplay to huge and immediate effect. I would put this book in my top five screenwriting manuals… Thank you Chris Tugwell for cutting through the crap.’ David Pullan. read the full review at the Book Depository

‘This is a must read book NOT just for screen writers but also novelists and other creative writers! … I found Dinosaur Theory invaluable in identifying where I had lost my way… Many thanks to the author for a truly educative, useful and entertaining read!!’ Lou Denley (on Amazon.com)

‘This is something fresh. It adds another tool to the writer’s kit and provides a way of grappling with a story idea. I just LOVE the ‘shape’ idea. It’s a solid, accessible concept, easy to grasp and explain. Well done, you.’ adelaidescreenwriter

‘Chris Tugwell writes with insight and generosity about the illusive* art of writing for the cinema.  … a wonderful addition to the library of anyone hoping to write a good screenplay.’ Andrew Bovell (Lantana, Edge of Darkness, Head On, A Most Wanted Man)

I feel like I don’t need to read any other book about script writing… Chris has made it so easy and so much simpler to understand…’ Ashoka Chowta (film student)

‘Anyone who is engaged in the difficult art of screenwriting would find this read useful.’ Zanesh Catkin (author)

* illusive – this is not a spelling mistake. It means ‘having the nature of an illusion’, which is what film is all about.


1 thought on “What They’re Saying…

  1. Reading ‘Dinosaur Theory’ by Chris Tugwell, and enjoying it. I may (definitely) never write a screenplay – but at least I now know why some things ‘just don’t sound right’. Thanks, Chris! 😎

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